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 EME is committed to providing the highest quality of HVAC products and services. We have operated from this location for over thirty years. EME and our associates hold a well earned reputation for quality and value. Our team of exceptional professionals has been together for many years.

 We provide commercial and industrial mechanical services and specialize in Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Plumbing, Piping, Maintenance, and Repairs. We service our customers from the design concept to final completion of their project. Additionally, we offer maintenance agreements to ensure that your equipment will stay in efficient working order through the years following.

With integrity, our experienced and skilled tradesmen build confidence. We work hard to retain our many loyal customers. We maintain longstanding relationships with local vendors who give us preferential service. The workmanship we provide exceeds the requirements of all state and local building codes. Our high production sheet metal fabrication facility enables us to meet higher quality standards, and to do so promptly.