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Serving northern
Utah for nearly
40 years

A Relationship With EME

Whether you are a developer, builder, building owner, or property manager, we are here to serve. We are versatile, competent, affordable, and fair. We are not home run hitters; rather, single hitters. Meaning we are in this to serve your needs. If we perform to your satisfaction, you will ask us to come back as the need arises. We believe in life-long relationships with our customers. Your financial health and stability are our financial health and stability.

Our Story
We are serious about our legacy. Our path to success runs directly through our culture of mentoring our team to take our place as we move up in the company or on to our ultimate goal - to hand the torch to our successors, while we pursue different means of serving others.
The EME team
A crane about to pick up an HVAC system
We purposefully align ourselves with commercial and industrial clients that want to partner with us to make them more efficient and competitive by helping them build on time and under budget and protect their investments by prolonging the life of their systems.
Purchased by Bob Pettipaw and Shawn Burnett in 2021, we have steadily grown back this company to feed over 50 families. Our future is in diversity, as we have cemented ourselves in the disciplines of plumbing, piping, HVAC, refrigeration, building automation, and sheet metal fabrication, serving a wide array of quality businesses.